Posted by: mommy2girls | January 17, 2010

For Sale

We recently put our house on the market.   After my husband’s grandmother passed away we were given the option of buying his grandparent’s house.  It has more space and a bigger yard, which will be perfect for our girls.  Our house officially went on the market on Monday and we have had 2 showings so far.  We had a scheduled showing today too.  The girls were very cooperative as I zoomed around the house tidying up, staging the accessories, hiding the dirty laundry, and scrubbing toilets.  Of course, after nearly everything was done, the babe informed me that she pooped.  I sighed, knowing that it was bound to happen, afterall the sinks were shining and the house smelled clean.  I didn’t even have a place to change her, the rugs were fluffed, with even the fringe laying nicely.  Knowing I had no choice I went about the task of cleaning up the messy diaper, running that stinky thing right to the outdoor trash can.  Back inside, I washed my hands, being careful not to leave spots, while drying my hands on my pants because all of the dirty towels were already in the basement laundry.

We then proceeded to put our shoes on, when the phone rang.  It was the real estate agent, calling to cancel the showing.

On the bright side though, the house is really clean.